The Time is Now

Duchene Intro

The Ottawa Senators made a splash a week or so ago when they acquired Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene in a three-team deal. The Senators showed they are in it to win this year, shipping off prospects, to Colorado and centre Kyle Turris to Nashville. Nashville would send prospects and draft picks of their own.

It is clear to see Ottawa has decided the time to win is now, trading away prospects in draft picks, while still keeping some great talent in the system. 

On the front end they have the young centres of Colin White and Logan Brown, who hopefully will be a big impact on the World Junior Team in the upcoming months. I truly cannot say how much I love and praise the D-man known as Thomas Chabot. This guy is an animal and I was excited every time he touched the puck in last years World Junior. He carried Canada and rightfully so won the MVP. 

What’s crazy is they already have an offensive D-man who can also play shutdown. Only much, much, MUCH, better. Erik Karlsson is a bad, bad man. He is widely regarded as many, including myself, as the third best player in the NHL. Last years playoffs showed that more than anything. He was unstoppable, honestly was. He is already tearing up this season, and I don’t think he’s slowing down anytime soon.

Craig Anderson is a fantastic goalie despite his age of of 36. He is still capable of being a goalie that can steal games. He can steal a series. We say last year how much strength he has mentally to go through what he went through. He his an inspiration to many, and despite his numbers, he can steal bring it without question. 

The Senators have a great balance of young and veteran defensemen, including three time Stanley Cup champion Johnny Oduya, former Norris and Calder finalist Dion Phanuef. I’m a big fan of Dion, bigger than most. He is a huge part of this team and plays some big minutes, and plays them well. They, on paper, have one of the best top six in the NHL, and you know how the cliche goes. Defence wins championships 

Duchene is the now the number one centre in what is already a great group of forwards. Duchene is an upgrade on Kyle Turris, and Turris is a great player. The Sens already have many talented scoring wingers, including the likes if Mike Hoffman, Mark Stone, and Bobby Ryan. With Bobby Ryan returning to the lineup, it could really create a dynamic duo. 

Ottawa also has a terrific coach behind their bench. Guy Boucher is a very well respective coach in the NHL, and is a huge part of turning the Senators around into a playoff staple, and a Cup contender.

With all these tools, plus the fact Erik Karlsson and Matt Duchene’s contract up at the end of the season, Ottawa’s window for the cup is closing. Craig Anderson is still an elite goltender, but his age is increasing, and only has a few years left. The time is now for the Senators.

Ottawa was only one goal short of reach the Stanley Cup Finals last season. The Pittsburgh Penguins scored in overtime of game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals last season. Ottawa is still very capable of making it back to that level, and even surpassing it. 

No one saw them there, and honestly, no one would be shocked if they got back.

Matt Duchene is what many Sens fans hope is the answer, and hope a Stanley Cup will be coming to the nations capital in the near future.

“We feel we got an elite player and someone who helps us win right now and we’re on the path to win right now,” Ottawa Senators General Manager Pierre Dorion Said about the acquisition of Duchene. 

Only time will tell if that time is now.