The Eagles could...go...all...the...waaaayyyy


The Philadelphia Eagles own top spot in the NFL power rankings. And they deserve it.


Philadelphia boasts the top offence in the NFL this season. The only thing that was missing? A bell-cow running back. The Eagles addressed that issue by sending Miami a 4th round pick to acquire Jay Ajayi. After a career year for Ajayi last year in Miami, the running back received no help from his offensive line this season. His struggles saw him shipped to the Eagles for practically nothing. He didn’t find the end zone once this season with the Dolphins but wasted no time getting a score in his first game with the Eagles.

Ajayi was thrust from a team shooting for a draft pick, to a team that is destined for the postseason. He joins an elite cast of supporting players. Carson Wentz leads the NFL with 23 touchdowns backed up by an impressive 104.1 Quarterback rating in just his second season in the league.  The Eagles gave Wentz another target in the flats when they signed Alshon Jeffery to a one year, 14 million dollar contract in the offseason. And Zach Ertz continues to be Wentz’ go to in the red zone as he leads the NFL with 6 red zone passing touchdowns.

But with all of these weapons at the Eagles disposal, it would all be for not if it wasn’t for the best-run defence in the NFL. Through nine games this season the Eagles have only had to defend against the run 166 times. Now granted, the Eagles are averaging 31.4 points a game this season, so the teams they face are typically trying to play catch up.  But even when teams do try to run against the Eagles, they don’t have much success. The Eagles are top five in the league allowing an average of just 3.6 yards per carry against their opponents.  

With the Eagles heading into their bye this week, they can start to focus on their final 7 games of the season. With their only real competition in the NFC East coming from the Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott’s looming suspension should seal the deal and the Eagles can coast to the playoffs. Look forward to week 14 as the Eagles will clash with the high flying offense of the LA Rams.