It Means "No Worries..."

From a small bedroom, with a couple of jerseys hanging behind me, to a podcast, to these words you’re reading.  I am back sports fans and more knowledgeable than ever. If I thought sports consumed me before I was way off because I am living it now. School has taken over my life and I couldn’t be happier.


But enough about me. Let’s talk shop sports fans, it’s probably why you’re here anyway. I want to make my first blog entry about my first love in sports. Baseball. But more specifically, the Blue Jays. I’ve followed the Jays through highs and lows, with a little extra emphasis on the latter. This team has had its fair share of down seasons. We watched, as fan favourites Roy Halladay and Vernon Wells left the Six to finish their careers elsewhere. We watched as promising future talent strolled in and let us down, a la Ricky Romero. But unfortunately for us Jays fans. We’re back to wishful thinking.


Over the past 4 years, I’ve watched the Jays trade away every inch of future that we could, just to get an edge in pitching or long ball hitters. And you know what? It worked. The Jays just made it to the ALCS in back to back seasons which for a city like San Diego sounds nearly impossible. But like any sports-fueled city, we want more. No...we need more.  I used to watch in awe as teams would fire their head coach after they would consistently make the playoffs, and would sit and greedy. Now I get it.  If you lose the last game of the season. Nobody Cares.  Now Torontonians have a taste of winning culture and we want more.


Sadly, we gotta go back to square one. But we’re lucky. We have a starting spot. I often wonder where the best place to start rebuilding a baseball team would be. The starting rotation? The outfield? The DH? Luckily for Toronto, the answer lies with the 22-year-old closing phenom. The young pitcher started out strong in Toronto’s bullpen, and wasn’t asked to step in the closer role...he just did.  And that’s where we begin. You look at the teams that knocked us out of the playoffs and they both had one thing in common. Outstanding bullpens. Granted they had a lot of other things going for them. But bullpens was a big one. Which most Jays fans would agree has been the Blue Jays biggest weak spot.  The Jays start by adding an 8th inning guy, Then a 7th and so on, eventually you’ve got the second half of the game locked down. Get the lead early and let the shutdown crew do the rest.

I’ll finish by answering one question which should be on everyone’s mind. How do we acquire more artillery for the bullpen? Two Words. Josh Donaldson.


To be continued...