Low Strikes and Blue Balls

You can’t fix what’s broken...but maybe you can sell it?


This is an age old philosophy that the Toronto Blue Jays needed to adapt to a month ago.


The Jays are neck deep in a dog fight that they have sent a kitten to. They simply don’t have the pieces that can compete with the heavyweight bout that the AL East has turned into.


The Yankee’s have Aaron Judge, who led the MLB in dingers while making less than a million bucks, and acquired Giancarlo Stanton who finished second (that one they paid for...25 Million a year...eat your heart out Jose Bautista) and the Red Sox inked JD Martinez (23.75 Million). The Jays just  don’t have the firepower they used too.


Edwin Encarnacion is swinging pine in Cleveland, Bautista is trying to stay relevant in the Dominican, and everyone else who used to be a threat in the Blue Jays line up is just trying to stay healthy...cough cough... Tulo, Travis, Martin…


The sad realization for Toronto is that it’s time to call it the good ol’ college try that it was. They slugged themselves to two consecutive ALCS matchups but that is as far as they would make it. And now with the American League looking like the power house it usually is, it’s time to rebuild.


Josh Donaldson is, without question, one of the best players to man the hot corner all across the Major Leagues, but it is wasted profits when this team won’t do better than third place in their division. They have an extremely solid prospect in Vlad Guerrero Jr. to take over third base in his absence and Bo Bichette is a season or two away from jumping in to playing the turn at shortstop.


The Jays need to start looking ahead rather than living in the past and start giving these guys max minutes. There will be losses...but don’t worry, Jays fans are used to it.


The only thing Toronto has working is the starting rotation and the bullpen, and they’ve already done a hot mess of handling those contracts.


Marcus Stroman was shorted 400K just to see Jaime Garcia get handed a Juicy 8 Million dollar contract (about 4 Mil higher than his...Stroman also had the fourth best ERA in the AL last season) Aaron Sanchez and his agent are already on bad terms with the Jays from last season and himself and his agent are already on to bigger and more winning things.


The only thing the Jays have left to do is work backwards from the bullpen. Roberto Osuna seems to be the only thing Mark Shapiro seems interested in, besides renovating the Rogers Centre. So get Osuna a solid set up man, a seventh inning guy, shop Donaldson, fix the contracts with the starters, and let’s try again when the Red Sox and Yankees have to fill their bank accounts in about three years (hopefully).


See ya in the 500’s sports fans.