NFL: Top to Bottom

            What a start to the NFL season.  Who would have thought that out of the TWO teams that remain undefeated, one would be Kansas City?  Not I.  The Atlanta Falcons are the only other team, but who didn’t see that coming?  Kansas City looks like a much stronger team than meets the eye.  After getting rid of Jeremy Maclin it looked like they were giving too much attention to Tyreek Hill who had one great year exploding onto the scene.  Spencer Ware was a good back but wasn’t a star, Alex Smith was known as being a play-making quarter back and their one bright spot was with tight-end Travis Kelce.  We were very wrong.   Tyreek is proving to be an outstanding player who can shine in the spotlight.  The out of nowhere rookie play of Kareem Hunt is amazing to watch.  Alex Smith is producing and against the Patriots he showed how he could be more than a playmaker.  Don’t forget about their stellar defense as well.  Even without pro bowler Eric Berry they still get down to the ball and mess with the opposing quarterbacks head.  The Chiefs have something special going on and it also has a lot to do with the coaching of Andy Reid.  I think they are going to be a team to go all the way with the strongest teams they might face along the way being the Raiders and the Broncos.  16 and 0 yes I am stating it now. They. Can. Do it. 

            On the other side of it, one team that has completely lost themselves are the Bengals.  With a team that is full of powerhouse players like A.J. Green, rookie Joe Mixon and the great defense they have, they just can’t figure out how to win.  I can understand losing to a team like Packers but not being able to put up points against teams like Baltimore AND Houston its kind of weird.  They have to keep throwing to Green and take advantage of the monster he is.  I have only seen a few people who can do what he can do with contested air balls and almost all of them are in the Hall of Fame or will be in the future.  In saying that, throw him the ball.  The man can flat out catch. Run after the catch ain’t so bad either.  Joe Mixon and the Cinci backfield are awesome.  When you have 3 running backs that can get down the field and know how to catch it should be a no brainer.  Thankfully they changed up their offensive coordinator but if they don’t get another win and soon I don’t see the Bengals making the play-offs again.  But hey, crazier things can always happen.