Super Bowl's David vs. Goliath

        Super Bowl 52 is only a few days away and everyone is wondering, will this be the tale of David versus Goliath?  Nick Foles has proven he can compete in the playoffs by scoring three touchdowns against one of the best defences, the Vikings.  The mid-season addition of Jay Ajayi pushed them ahead of the curve, especially when compared to the Patriots running back committee.  On the other hand, you can't deny the legacy that Tom Brady has set for himself in this league. Winning five Super Bowls, heading toward his sixth AND are a four and a half point favourite.  They have always found a way to win with the coaching mind that is Bill Belichick.


  But the one thing that the Eagles have that the Patriots don't... is the defence.  Philly had one of the best defences this year.  They have the ability to shut quarterbacks down and consume them with pressure.  In the playoffs so far, the Eagles have only allowed 17 points scored against them, the Patriots have let 34 and 20 of them were against the Jaguars two weeks ago.  Yes, I can understand that the big picture is whether or not Nick Foles will be able to produce in the biggest game of his career.  Thus far, how can you doubt him?  He has been playing phenomenally in the post season with a QB rating of 122!  34 points higher than the league average.  So people doubting the fact that the Eagles are going to be trampled by the dynasty, will be shocked to see a much closer game, with the underdogs fighting their way through for a win, and becoming the one and only Super Bowl Champions.  David will defeat Goliath.